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Basic Breads

Basic Breads offers recipes and tips for baking bread.

Here you will find recipes for basic breads. Recipes for the classic breads that we know and love. I will be adding more almost daily. So check back often for updates. Click on the links below for recipes.

Basic Breads Recipes

You do not need to be perfect to succeed with baking. All you need is the love and desire to please the ones around you. Explore, play, have fun, be a kid again. When you put love into anything it come thru in the finished product. It may not always look like the pictures: but as they say... "Love is blind". Don't stress out if your creation does not turn out perfect the first time you make it. Try and try again.

Get flour on your nose. When I bake basic breads I have flour everywhere. I do not mean to it just happens. I could stress out and worry about it. I choose to accept the fact that I will have to sweep the floor every time I bake. I will also have to  wash my face along with my hands at the end... and perhaps my hair. This does not stop me from baking.

Relax and laugh. But most of all enjoy!

Get the kids up from in front of the TV. Let them help; get them involved. Give them their own piece of dough or bowl of batter. Let them dig in. Allow them the freedom to create their own masterpieces.  Laugh as they learn new skills. Watch as they learn hand eye co-ordination, measurements, and patience. Help them to develop the memories that last forever.

We hope that you enjoyed our basic breads collection.  Be sure to try them all as they have thier own unique qualities.

Sprinkle on the top of your basic breads, seeds, spices or grains before decoratively slicing the top prior to baking. This will add texture and taste to the finished bread that you create. 

Or mix in seeds, spices or grains to your dough when doing the final kneading. This will add texture to the bread. I like to add 1/2 a cup of uncooked Red River Cereal to my bread dough. It adds crunch as well as flavor.

Slicing the top of the loaf prior to baking will cause the dough on the inside to open the slit. This will produce a beautiful relief pattern on your bread and make it look very festive.

Placing a pan of water on the bottom rack of the oven while baking will help to give you a crisp crust.

Misting bread lightly with water during baking will provide you with a crisp crust.

Painting the dough before baking with an eggs wash will make it come out of the oven with a glossy top crust.

If it looks like your bread is getting too dark on the top for the amount of cooking time left cover it lightly with a piece of aluminum foil until almost done. Then remove the foil and finish baking.

Use any shaped container that you like to bake your artisan bread. You can use your set of cooking pots and pans as long as they are oven proof. Use tin cans, pie plates, new clean clay flower pots, dutch ovens, aluminum foil shapes... anything as long as it is oven proof.

Serve them to family and friends. Your family will love you for it. Your friends will marvel at your baking skills and keep returning for more. 


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