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Artisan Bread Recipes

Artisan Bread Recipes are the perfect addition to any meal. Learn to make these beautiful loaves. Amaze your family or give them as gifts to your friends. They will love it. Read below for the definitions of the different types. Click on the links below for Artisan Bread Recipes.

Artisan Bread Recipes

Bagels: Are made with very simple basic ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast then formed into a donut shape, raised, boiled, and then baked. If you use some malted barley syrup in the boiling water it will add flavor and shine to your finished bagels.

Baguette : Is a long, thin loaf with diagonal slashes along the top of the loaf. They are often made with nothing more than flour, yeast, salt, and water. The word means "wand" in French and is usually baked free-form on a stone or baking sheet, or in a special U-shaped baguette pan.

Boule: This is a fat, round loaf. Traditionally it is baked on a baking stone. Boule means ball in French.

Brioche: An egg enriched bread that is traditionally baked in a fluted, buttered mold. It can be made loaf-size or as individual rolls with top knots inserted on the top.

Challah: The traditional Sabbath bread of the Jews. It is rich egg-laden bread. Traditionally it is braided and baked free form on a baking sheet or baking stone. A beautiful Artisan Bread.

Ciabatta: A flatbread whose shape is said to resemble an Italian slipper. It has a chewy interior with large holes and a floury crust. The dough is very moist and sticky.

Focaccia: An Italian flatbread that has a much dimpled surface. Olive oil, flour, salt, yeast, and water are used to create this dough. It may be flavored with herbs and topped with many cheeses or vegetables.

Fougasse: Is the French version of focaccia. It is often topped with herbs and slashed through, then spread to form a decorative flatbread resembling a sun, or tree shape.

Grissini: Are Italian breadsticks. They may be topped with an egg wash and sprinkled with seeds or coarse salt.

Kulich is a traditional Russian loaf given to friends that come to visit for good luck. The added dried fruits and nuts add so much flavor and texture. It is an excellent with brunch served with Paskha.

Pain Viennois: These richer breads and pastries are developed from methods originally brought over from Austria.

Panettone: Italian Christmas bread made with fruits and nuts. These are traditionally made with brioche dough. They are baked in a tall cylinder to represent Italian cathedral domes.

Pugliese: This rustic Italian bread is similar to Ciabatta. It is usually baked in rounds rather than in the shape of a slipper. 

Sourdough: A starter is used as a leavening agent to create this wonderful bread.

Tordu: Is a is like a twisted baguette that looks like donut twists.

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They come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. There are so many to try and experiment with. Below is a few discriptions of the different Artisan Bread Recipes that you may enjoy.

Batard: It is fat, log shaped bread tapered at both ends. It is slashed diagonally along the top then baked. Batard refers to an inferior baguette, typically half the length and many times the width of a classic baguette.

Circle Bread: A traditional German style bread that is distinguished by its disk shape. It is notched on the edges, flour-dusted, and circle patterned on the top

Couronne: Is a crown shaped bread that can be made with French, Italian, or country bread dough.

Khachapuri: Is a cheese filled bun from the state of Georgia in Russian.

La Couronne Bordelaise: Made in the shape of the crown of Bordeaux.

Le fer à cheval: Horseshoe shaped bread.

Pain Au Levain: The French version of a starter made bread. This artisan bread can be a variety of shapes such as buns, zigzags, twists, long loaves. 

Pain Aux Noix: Is a nut bread that comes in many shapes. Traditionally in the shape of a floury triangle with walnuts or hazelnuts embedded into the top.

Pain Boulot: Work bread.

Pain de Campagne: A is a very dense country loaf made with a combination of bread flour, whole wheat, and rye flour. It may be baked free form in a round: or in a La Cloche.

Pain Chapeau: Hat shaped bread.

Pain Collier: Collar shaped bread.

Pain d’Epi: A baguette-type loaf that's been cut and shaped to resemble a sheaf of wheat. A classic Artisan Bread.

Pain d’Fantaisie: Fantasy Bread.

Pain Marchand de Vin: Wine merchant’s bread.

Pain Meteil: Utilizes a mixture of wheat and rye flours. Baked into a free-form round loaf, traditionally marked with the baker's mark designating who created the loaf.

Pain Ordinaire: Is a classic French yeast-leavened bread, usually baguette-shaped, has a soft crumb and a crisp crust.

Pain Rustique: Is a rustic French bread that is similar to ciabatta bread. This type of artisan bread is slightly elongated, but more of a batard than a slipper shape.

Pain Saucisson: Sausage bread.

Pane Allo'Ollio: These are an everyday Italian bread made with bread flour, yeast, salt, sugar, spring water, and olive oil. They are cigar shaped rolls, that have a crisp crust, and are creamy on the inside. They are traditionally baked on a baking stone.

Pane All'uve E Noci: Is an Italian country bread made with raisins and walnuts added to the dough.

Pane Bigio: This round, classic rustic Italian loaf is made with both bread flour and whole wheat flour.

Pane de Mais: Polenta (Italian cornmeal) bread from Italy. Baked in a round free-form loaf. 

Panini: Italian rolls that can be molded into various shape such as torpedoes, globes, or roll. 

Petites Pains: These are hard rolls from France.  They are raised four times to produce bread that is crusty on the outside and a soft crumb on the inside.

Pissaladiere: France's version of pizza made with egg-rich brioche dough then topped with a variety of cheeses, meats, or vegetables.

Stirato: This Italian Artisan Bread means "to stretch." The dough for this can be stretched up to 36 inches.

Stollen: This German Christmas bread is in the shape of a large batard loaf and filled with fruit and nuts. 

Torpedo: A fat cigar shape bread that is tapered at both ends like a torpedo. Popular in both France and Italy.

These Artisan Bread Recipes are far easier to create than you may think. You are only limited by your own imagination. Go ahead... try a few Artisan Bread Recipes and amaze yourself.

Sprinkle seeds, spices or grains on the tops of the loaves before decoratively slicing the top then baking. This will add texture and taste to the finished Artisan Bread Recipes that you create. 

Or mix in seeds, spices or grains to your Artisan Bread Recipes when doing the final kneading. This will add texture to the bread.

Slicing the top of the loaf prior to baking will cause the dough on the inside to open the slit. This will produce a beautiful relief pattern on your bread and make it look very festive.

Placing a pan of water on the bottom rack of the oven while baking will help to give you a crisp crust.

Misting bread lightly with water during baking will provide you with a crisp crust.

Painting the dough before baking with an egg wash will make the bread come out of the oven with a glossy top crust.

If it looks like your bread is getting too dark on the top for the amount of cooking time left cover it lightly with a piece of aluminum foil until almost done. Then remove the foil and finish baking.

Use any shaped container that you like to bake your Artisan Bread Recipes. You can use your set of cooking pots and pans as long as they are oven proof. Use tin cans, pie plates, new clean clay flower pots, dutch ovens, aluminum foil shapes... anything as long as it is oven proof.

Serve Artisan Bread Recipes to family and friends. Your family will love you for it. Your friends will marvel at your baking skills and keep returning for more. 


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